6 benefits Of Honey

Sweetness plays an important role in our regular diet one must add something sweet to his\her diet. There are many sources of sweetness such as Honey, Jaggery, and sugar, but among all of this honey is considered as healthiest.

Honey the best gift of nature that mankind has ever received to date. Honey is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, and many more. It can be used as a cure for many diseases such as:

  1. Sleeplessness
  2. Soothes Cough and Cold
  3. Burns and injuries
  4. Overweight
  5. Natural Energy Booster
  6. Skin dryness


1.   Sleeplessness

If one is suffering from sleeplessness while going to bed than she/he should try honey before bedtime. It helps to release glycogen in the liver and its exhaustion takes part in an expansion of extracellular adenosine discharge which influences sleep homeostasis. So taking 1 or 2 spoons of raw honey will help a person to sleep well.

2.  Soothes Cough and Cold

Now a day for quick recovery of cough people are using Dextromethorphan for the instant result but it has very harmful side effects. But one can use Black pepper honey as an alternative Honey is Rich in vitamin C and Black pepper the spice acts as an antibiotic. Which helps to get recover from cough, cold, and flu. So People instead of buying this Dextromethorphan full of chemicals buy Black pepper honey.

3.  Burn and injuries

If Honey is applied to the place of burn or injuries First it will feel relaxed. And Honey contains anti-inflammatory property so it helps in healing the injuries faster. So for minor injuries or burn just apply honey but if there are serious burn or injuries then first take advice from your doctor.

4.  Overweight

Having honey with green tea or with warm water will increase metabolism in our body which helps to reduce our weight by cutting out extra body fat. If a person drinks warm water by mixing one spoon of honey and an empty stomach every morning will help to the reduction of weight. After working out in the gym, muscles stretch out. And honey helps out to recover back our muscles faster. So instead of expensive medicines just buy raw honey.

5.  Natural Energy Booster

In this COVID-19 pandemic immunity is the main thing we should focus on. So now a day people are drinking decoction or herbal tea for that, but mostly it tastes bitter so people add sugar to make it sweet. But as we know it gives sweet taste but doesn’t help to strengthen our immunity. So for better immunity as well as taste we should add honey in our decoction or herbal tea. As honey has antibacterial and antiviral properties in it will boost our immunity.

6.   Skin dryness/eczema

In monsoon, most of the women are facing eczema problems and In winter people mostly suffer from dry skin. For both of these problems, honey is the one natural solution. As honey has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties in it. As you are applying honey on the infected skin so for safety measures buy honey products. 

Other uses of honey:-

1) Cinnamon honey in Coffee

2) Ginger honey in Tea

3) Raw honey in sweets

4) Black pepper honey in a subway sandwich

5) Also used in peanut butter, sweet onion sauce, and also in a salad.

So, people, honey is the best alternative to replace sugar from our daily diet sweeter than sugar and also healthier than it. So guys stop buying sugar which can cause diabetes and start buying Honey.

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